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PGLArena.Ro - Forum Regulation

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Hello and welcome to the PGLARENA.RO Community !
Upon registration it is considered that you have read the current regulation and that you agree with it 100%.
If you are already registered at the moment of the current regulations display, your imminent posting is considered a silent approval of it's content, regardless if you've read it or NOT.
PGLArena is a forum for all user-category (gamers, those who work in the IT "world", and everybody in search of a civilized cultural, scientific, art, humor conversation, an so on and so forth).
Discussions that do not manage to fit within common sense, are NOT tolerated by the forums administrative team, even those from the Private Messages.
Sub-forum Moderators are compelled to comply to this desideratum, thus they have the right to close or delete parallel discussions. 

The use of written warnings and explanations are considered to be useful, hoping that future attitudes/wrong expressions will be corrected.
The use of the forums "Search" option is highly recommended to find out if the desired discussion subject that you want to post, hasn't been debated already.
The use of uncivilized, aberrant language, IRC-like discussions, monosyllabic replies (yes, lol, that's right, and so on and so forth) software piracy advertising, or messages that contravene the current legislation are forbidden. We wish for every user to feel protected by the current regulation, thus, staff position/nationality/race and age of the assaulted user is not relevant, the instigator will suffer the consequences.
Every user is responsible for his own posted content, the forum management team can not influence your opinion.
The fact that other users may have a different, well reasoned and expressed opinion than you, does not denote a lack of respect towards their fellow colleagues. 
Discussion subjects that by their own nature can lead to scandal - the initiator and those who reply to such topics will be drastically sanctioned.
Clone accounts are forbidden. A new account is not considered a clone, when the users old account has been deleted. If a user is suspended/banned and he/she creates a new account in order to skip the punishment, bought accounts will be deleted. This rule is retroactive. 
Avatars, custom titles, signatures and nicknames must not have a anti-Semitic, racist, pornographic or high violence theme. These specifications are not limited, we reserve the right to add future sub regulations. 
User Nicknames can not be changed earlier than 30 days. Only users with 50+ posts can make suck a request here.

Besides the current regulation, users are advised to read the ones that are present in the sub-forum that they perform their daily routine.
On this forum, only Romanian and English based language replies/topics are accepted.

The current forum regulation is based on some simple common sense rules, depending on the users mistakes, a list of sanctions has been created.

1. Off Topic - written warning at the first deviation, at 3 warnings the user has his posting right suspended for 7 days.
2. IRC-like language - written warning at the first deviation, at 3 warnings the user has his posting right suspended for 5.
3. Monosyllabic replies - the user has his posting right suspended for 3 days.
4. Unaesthetic post - written warning.
5. Failure to respect posting rules - 3 days suspend.
6. Avatars, signatures, nicknames, etc. that do not respect the current regulation - written warning at the first deviation, at 2 warnings the user will be banned.
7. Flame - 7 days suspend or permanent BAN, depending on the case.
8. Inadequate language (vulgar, obscene) - permanent BAN.
9. Personal attacks - 7 days suspend or permanent BAN, depending on the case.
10. Insults - 5 days suspend.
11. Heavy insults - 7 days suspend or permanent BAN, depending on the case.
12. Anti-Semitic or racist statements - 7 days suspend.
13. Threats to the persons physical integrity - 14 days suspend.
14. Warez - permanent BAN.
15. Spamming and other sites/community advertising - permanent BAN.
16. Clone account - Permanent BAN.

For a better understanding of this system, here's a list of short definitions:
- IRC-like language - Use of shorted words like ("k" in stead of "ok", "hw r u" in stead of "how are you" and so on and so forth...), willingly misspelling of words, using the so called Hacker language ("534|2(|-|" in stead of "search", "n0rM4LL1" in stead of "normally" etc...).
Unaesthetic post - Unjustified usage of the forums editor tool, such as standard font change, standard font size, usage of the underlined, bold, uppercase writing...that are not required in the given situation.
Failure to respect posting rules - Breaking the posting rules, specific to some sub-forums. Posting in a different language that those accepted (RO-EN). Contradictory discussions, between ranks, pertaining to server administration, that DO NOT take place in the ADMINS ONLY area.
- Flame - Posts or topics which by nature are meant to start conflicts. All users who are a part of that topic will be warned/banned
Personal attacks - Usage of expressions aimed specifically to offend forum users.
- Insults - Insulting a user or a group of users without using foul language or obscene words.
- Heavy insults - Insulting a user or a group of users using foul language or obscene words. Writing of 
messages that contradict the current legislation, promoting piracy.
- Clone account - Registering to a new account in order to avoid a penalty.

1. BASIC RULE: The users rules applies to the administrative team also. The same measures will be taken, and, if the case implies, the users rank will be removed.
2. Once you recieve a rank on this forum you agree to maintain order, and on occasion to sanction other users, 
but notifying an Administrator at first.
3. Do not take advantage of your rank, DO NOT give warning points without solid evidene that the user has violated the rules.
4. Every time you warn a user, you have the obligation to specify the reason.
 Cautiont ! DO NOT give warning points without solid evidene, you could have your rank removed.
5. Moderators must have a decent an civilized language / behavior towards forum users, do not respond with a superior-like feeling.
6. If a Moderator is one month absent without leave, his rank will be removed.
7. Accumulating 3 warning points leads to rank removal.
8. Moderators are compelled to close the topics that violate the rules.
9. When closing a topic, 
you must explain clearly and argued why, replies with only "Topic Closed" are not acceptable.
10.Advertising of any kind to another community leads to a permanent BAN.
11. Moderators can close topics ONLY in their own sub-forums, not in those of other colleagues.

Any sanctions are given on the basis of evidence, and announcement of an Administrator first !
*For any irregularity or complaint, you can express your grievances in a civilized manner in the Forum staff complaints section.

1. Advertising of any kind to other communities or sites are forbidden.
2. Coarse and vulgar language is forbidden, as well as insulting the chat users.
3. Do not exceed more than 4 consecutive lines.
4. Do not use CAPS LOCK when writing in the chat box.
5. Image posting of any kind, besides a link, is forbidden.
6. Usage of BBcodes of any kind (color, img, spoiler, etc) are forbidden. Only Owners & Administrators are allowed to use them, as a method to highlight an important announcement.
7. Write your idea in a fully row affirmation, and NOT word by word, messenger style !

The forum Administrators have the right to modify the present regulation, periodically, so please check it daily.

* The PGLArena Community assumes no cause for any type of transaction carried out with different servers Owners, involving server boosts, hosting plans and so on.
* The PGLArena Community only offers DNS domains, forum sections and forum support, and in extreme cases AMX-MoD-X support.
Any transaction must be witnessed by a administrative person (Administrators), transactions that did not took place in the presence of administrative person, will not be taken into consideration, therefore any claims made after, will not be honored.

Thank you for your understanding / collaboration, with esteem, the PGLARENA.RO Administrative team !

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